Why Full-Time 9 to 5 Jobs are Risky

Earlier today, I published this tweet which resonated with many people. As of now, it has 101 likes and 13 retweets so I thought I’d expand more on its content via email. The point my tweet tried to make is that relying on one source of income is risky. Since most full-time jobs involve a […]

Lifestyle Design

Three ingredients for a great life

My birthday is coming up and as I get older, I reflect more on what I want out of life.⠀In thinking of what it means for me to be happy and fulfilled, I identified these three fundamental pillars:⠀– Freedom of locationBeing able to live and work from anywhere, allows us to design our lives around […]


Stop reading and start doing

One of the traps I’ve consistently fallen into is reading too much and doing too little. See, we love to endlessly read about tips and tricks to get fit, learn to code, or solve a problem or challenge we have. Reading about something makes us feel productive. And while most of us overdo it, the […]