Hey! I’m Adam Bader

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I’m a product manager, entrepreneur, and technologist based in Los Angeles, California.

I’ve spent the last 13 years building and marketing products at companies such as Discovery, MotorTrend, beIN SPORTS, and Real Madrid.

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  • How I Immigrated from Africa to the U.S and Got a 100k+ Job in Tech
    I’ve recently been interviewed by a Los Angeles based online publication called Voyage LA. In the interview, I talk about my origins and how I immigrated from Libya to Europe and then to the United States. I also talk about my journey building things […]
  • How To Find Your Next Great Product or Business Idea
    Coming up with an idea for your next product or business is easy. Coming up with a great idea, on the other hand, is much harder While I don’t think there is a ‘framework’ or a very reliable way of coming up with and […]
  • Why Full-Time 9 to 5 Jobs are Risky
    Earlier today, I published this tweet which resonated with many people. As of now, it has 101 likes and 13 retweets so I thought I’d expand more on its content via email. The point my tweet tried to make is that relying on one […]
  • Three ingredients for a great life
    My birthday is coming up and as I get older, I reflect more on what I want out of life.⠀In thinking of what it means for me to be happy and fulfilled, I identified these three fundamental pillars:⠀– Freedom of locationBeing able to live […]
  • Stop reading and start doing
    One of the traps I’ve consistently fallen into is reading too much and doing too little. See, we love to endlessly read about tips and tricks to get fit, learn to code, or solve a problem or challenge we have. Reading about something makes […]

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