Adam Bader

I am a technologist, product manager, and an aspiring spaceship builder. I currently build digital products at beIN SPORTS, and spend my free time learning Python, C++, Russian, and doing CrossFit.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Medium. Or write me an email.


I've been involved in technology and the internet for more than 10 years. I started my career building websites focused on my interests such as Real Madrid and satellite TV. They all did well, as online businesses, and were acquired by different companies.

Now I spend my time building digital products such as content platforms, live streaming services and apps (both mobile and home devices). I'm also interested in VR, AR and Artificial Intelligence.


My biggest passion is space travel. My life's mission is to help advance the technologies needed to enable humans to live and work in space. I'm a big supporter of commercial space companies and I'm NASA's biggest fan! :-)

One of the reasons I'm learning C++ is because it's used a lot in the space industry. I'm also learning about rockets and spacecraft. If you are an aerospace engineer or love all things space, I'd love to connect.

Fitness & Lifestyle design

I love fitness. I enjoy doing CrossFit, running, and playing Soccer. I'm doing my first ever CrossFit Open Games this month and would like to compete in the regionals at some point.

I regularly do intermittent fasting and eat a paleo/low-carb diet. Even though my favorite foods are high in carb (pizza, pasta, bread, rice..etc) I try to avoid them at all costs.